Rules & Regulations Corbett Tiger Reserve

Carrying any kind of arm and ammunition is prohibited within the Tiger Reserve.

Any kind of pets are not allowed inside of Corbett National Park or Tiger Reserve.

Walking & Trekking inside the Tiger reserve is strictly prohibited.

After sunset driving inside the Corbett National Park is prohibited.

Any kind of cooking are not authorized within Corbett National Park.

All visitors are necessary to bear a litter bag while they incoming the Corbett Tiger Reserve and they can carry back their non-biodegradable litter (Tin Cans, Plastic, Glass, Bottle, metal, foils etc.) outside of the Corbett National Park.

Authorized cross-filed guide is essential on all expeditions.

Any type of smoking is outer residential complexes/ Forest Lodge and lighting of any kind of fire is strictly banned in Corbett National Park.

Fishing and angling is prohibited without permit inside the Corbett National Park. Fishing with permits is allowed only in the outside Corbett National Park and Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary between the 1st October and 30 June.

Music is not allowed inside of Corbett National Park.

All visitors are requisite to watch timings for excursions and banned from taking vehicles off the selected routes thereby causing of damage to plant or animal life or their territory.

Blow horns or driving above the speed limit in Tiger Reserve is strictly prohibited.

Entry inside the core area by the visitors is prohibited.

Outcry teasing or chasing animals or attempts to nourish them are prohibited within the Corbett National Park.

All visitors are advised to occupy the accommodation as reserved on the first day itself or provide prior information to hold the accommodation, Otherwise the reservation will be treated as cancelled.

Visitors have required obtaining an authorization certificate before departure their place of residence within the Tiger Reserve.

All visitors are required to have on clothes of colours which combine with the Natural surroundings (Khaki, Olive green, other dull colours).

Visitors are necessary to switch off all lights, fans, and water taps when not in use inside the Forest Lodge and park their vehicles at fitting parking place.

Visitors have to be obtaining entry permits at the reception of Corbett National Park. Entry timings are synchronized in such manner that a visitor must reach their place of stay before sunset in Tiger Reserve.

Day visit to Dhikala Tourism Zone is not officially recognized except in conducted trips structured by Corbett Tiger Reserve.

Entry of the private buses in Bijrani Tourism Zone is strictly prohibited.

Entry Permit is not to be transfer and amount is not refundable in any case.

Any kind of non vegetarian food and use of liquor is strictly prohibited inside the Corbett National Park.

Entry fee will have to be paid at every entrance gate.

Plants should beleftto grow in their native location - captivating cuttings and roots is against the law in nature reserves.

All visitors to the Tiger Reserve are governed by the provisions of the Wildlife Protection Act and rules made there under.

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