FAQs on Visit to Corbett Tiger Reserve

1. Where is Corbett Tiger Reserve located?

Geographically, Corbett Tiger Reserve is situated in the Shivalik hills of Himalayas while administratively it spreads over Pauri Garhwal, Nainital and Almora districts of Uttarakhand State in India. Ramnagar, in Nainital district is its administrative headquarter.

2.How do I reach Corbett Tiger Reserve?

Corbett is accessible -
By Road : Delhi-Moradabad-Kashipur-Ramnagar.
By Train : Delhi-Moradabad-Kashipur-Ramnagar (Ramnagar is the nearest railway station)
By Air : Dehradun and Delhi are the nearest operational airports.
Regular flights are also being proposed from the nearby Pantnagar Airport in Udham Singh Nagar District.

3. How do I contact the Corbett Tiger Reserve Management?

For general informations and bookings kindly visit our website: www.CorbettTigerReserve.in We can be also approached at: Emailto: info@corbetttigerreserve.in

4. Which are the entry points to Corbett Tiger Reserve?

Corbett Tiger Reserve has Six entry gates for access to its Tourism Zones, namely Bijrani, Dhangari, Jhirna, Dhela, Durgadevi, and Vatanbasa (Kotdwar). Vatanvasa (Kotdwar) gate is the entry point for the Sonanadi Tourism Zone and is regulated from the Kotdwara reception centre.

5. What is the best time to visit Corbett Tiger Reserve?

All seasons across the year have their own charm for wildlife lovers.

6. What is the Closed Period at Corbett Tiger Reserve?

Corbett Tiger Reserve remains closed during the monsoons. All zones of Corbett Tiger Reserve are closed for night halts by visitors from 15th June to 14th November. The Bijrani Zone remains closed for day visits from 30th June to 14th October. The Dhikala, Lohachaur and Sonanadi Tourism Zones are closed for day visits from 16th June to 14th November. The Jhirna Tourism Zone, however remains open for day safaris throughout the year, subject to road and weather conditions being safe. Between 1st to 15th June, the Dhikala, Lohachaur and Sonanadi Zones are on standby mode. During this period, advance reservations are not done and these Zones can be shut down by the Director, Corbett Tiger Reserve at short notice depending on weather conditions and in consideration of visitor safety.

7. How is the weather at Corbett Tiger Reserve?

In Corbett Tiger Reserve, minimum temperatures can reach as low as 2°C, in the months of December and January while the maximum temperature during the months of May and June reaches as high as 42°C

8. What are off days for Corbett Tiger Reserve Safari?

Apart from the period specified in Para 6 above, no entry is allowed in the Corbett Tiger Reserve on the day of ‘Holi' festival.

9. How to obtain entry permits for visits to Corbett Tiger Reserve?

Entry Permits for day safari and night halts can be booked in advance by visiting our website: www.CorbettTigerReserve.in

10. Can I visit all the zones with one entry permit?

Entry permits are issued for a specific tourism zone. Safari is permitted only for the specific zone booked for. Other zones shall remain out of bounds for the visitor.

11. How can I cancel and reschedule my entry permit?

Cancellation facility is temporarily unavailable. For more details please contact CTR Help Desk

12. How many vehicles are allowed for day safari in Corbett Tiger Reserve?

The number of vehicles for which permits can be booked from our website for day safari in various tourism zones of Corbett Tiger Reserve is as under.

Name of Zone Number of vehicles
Morning Evening
Bijrani 30 30
Jhirna 30 30
Dhela 10 10
Durgadevi 11 11

Apart from the above, four vehicles (16 seats each); two each in morning and afternoon shifts are allowed in Dhikala tourism zone under the ‘Ramganga Conducted Tour' facility.

13. How many safaris can be made in Corbett Tiger Reserve?

Day safaris in two shifts, one in the morning and the other during the afternoon are available for visitors to Corbett Tiger Reserve. The safaris are as per prescribed timings with a break during mid day. Timings are subjected to change depending on the season.

First and last Entry timings are as follows :

Date CTR entry Timings for day Visit Last entry Dhangarhi Khara gate Last entry Amdanda gate Last entry Durgadevi gate
Morning Evening
15 Nov to 15 Feb. 6.45 a.m. 1.00 p.m. 4.00 p.m. 5.00 p.m. 4.30 p.m.
16 Feb. to 31 March 6.15a.m. 2.00 p.m. 4.30 p.m. 5.30 p.m. 5.00 p.m.
1 April to 15 May 5.45 a.m. 3.00 p.m. 5.30 p.m. 6.30 p.m. 6.00 p.m.
16 May to 15 June 5.30 a.m. 3.15 p.m. 5.45 p.m. 6.45 p.m. 6.15 p.m.

14. What are the various Tourism Zones in Corbett Tiger Reserve?

Day safaris are allowed in five Zones in Corbett Tiger Reserve. These Zones are Bijrani, Dhangari, Jhirna, Durgadevi and Sonanadi (Kotdwar).

15. How much does an entry permit cost?

Costs towards entry permits and other associated fees etc. are mentioned in detail under the Tariff section on our website.

16. How to get a Nature Guide/Naturalist for our visit?

It is mandatory to be accompanied by a Registered Guide/Naturalist during visits to Corbett Tiger Reserve. The Guide fee for each safari to be paid directly to the Guide at the end of the visit. Guides shall be available at the entry point at Amdanda and Jhirna. Guides for Dhikala should be picked up by arrangement from Amdanda.

17. How to get a Vehicle for the safari?

Private vehicles are NOT allowed entry with tourists in Corbett Tiger Reserve. Registered safari vehicles can be hired by tourists from near Ramnagar Reception Office or Amdanda Gate. No advance booking facility is available for hiring of vehicles for visits to Corbett Tiger Reserve.

18. How many persons are allowed in a Vehicle for the safari?

A maximum of six adults and two children excluding the mandatory Nature Guide/Naturalist and driver are allowed in a vehicle during visits to Corbett Tiger Reserve.

19. Is there any exemption for children during visits to Corbett Tiger Reserve?

Children up to five years of age are exempted from entry fee as well as fee for elephant ride.

20. Where to stay in Corbett Tiger Reserve?

Inside Corbett Tiger Reserve, accommodation facilities are available in Dhikala FRH, Sultan FRH, Sarpduli FRH and Gairal FRH in Dhikala Zone, Bijrani FRH and Malani FRH in Bijrani Zone, Jhirna FRH in Jhirna Zone; KandaFRH and Lohachaur FRH in Durgadevi Zone. Accommodation is also available at Halduparao in the Sonanadi Tourism Zone. All rooms are provided with double beds and basic amenities. A twelve bed dormitory at Dhikala and an eight bed dormitory at Gairal are also available. Electricity is not available at any of the FRHs except at Dhikala. Some campuses have a limited Generator backup.

21. How to book for accommodation in Corbett Tiger Reserve?

Accommodation can be booked in advance through our website: www.CorbettTigerReserve.in Reservations can be made up to 45 days in advance. For foreign nationals, some facilities can be booked up to 90 days in advance. All reservations are provisional in nature and are subject to modification/cancellation by the Field Director, Corbett Tiger Reserve without assigning any reasons.

22. How to make payments for entry permits for day safaris or night halts in Corbett Tiger Reserve?

All payments can be made via net banking or through credit cards at the time of booking room/ day safari using online booking facility through our official website:www.CorbettTigerReserve.in

23. Do the Forest Rest Houses have Canteen facility?

Canteen facilities are available only at Dhikala FRH and Gairal FRH. The Canteens are being managed by K.M.V.N. Ltd. At other places kitchen facility is provided for cooking, for which guests need to take their own rations. The room attendants can provide necessary help in cooking.

24. How to make the cancellation of booked entry permits?

Entry permits booked online can be cancelled at www.CorbettTigerReserve.in

Day Visit : Any day visit transaction for which entry permit have been generated, cannot be cancelled under any circumstances and no request of refund/ reschedule would be entertained.

If amount has been deducted but no entry permit could be generated due to any technical error, whole amount would be refunded to the same bank account. However it.

is necessary that all such cases be brought in the notice of Corbett Tiger Reserve with in 24 hrs. By sending a mail at info@corbetttigerreserve.in

Night Stay : Cancellation facility is temporarily unavailable. For more details please contact CTR Help Desk.

25. How to book Elephants for rides?

Camp elephants are available only at Dhikala and Bijrani zones. These are available for rides by visitors on the basis of first come, first served.

26. What are the provisions for Elephant Ride?

Only four persons are allowed to sit on an elephant during a ride. Children up to 5 years of age shall be allowed free, along with adults. Rates for Elephant rides /safari are provided in the Tariff Section.

27. How to avail concession for school students/trainees/trainers and support staff?

Authorized study tours of students belonging to educational institutions, schools, colleges, and universities shall be charged 50% of the entry fee subject to prior information. This facility shall be allowed to an institution only once a year and shall be limited to only one visit. Students/trainees, trainers and support staff of the training and research institutions of different State Forest Departments and the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India will be eligible for free entry.

28. What are the provisions for citizens of SAARC countries?

The citizens of SAARC shall be treated at par with Indian citizens with regard to the determination of fees.

29. Where do I get more information on Corbett Tiger Reserve?

For more information on Corbett Tiger Reserve, please log on to our website:www.CorbettTigerReserve.in

30. What is the Tiger Conservation Foundation for CTR?

The Tiger Conservation Foundation for Corbett Tiger Reserve is a registered society under Society act, formed as per the provisions of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. The foundation accepts contributions from willing persons/organizations for the various activities including welfare of the staff of Corbett Tiger Reserve and for various associated management activities.

31. How do I contribute to the Tiger Conservation Foundation for Corbett Tiger Reserve?

All contributions must be sent through Crossed Cheques or Demand Drafts drawn in favour of The Secretary, Tiger Conservation Foundation for Corbett Tiger Reserve.

32. Is there any provision of moving on foot/camping/staying in hides and machans/night safari/cycling/nature trails inside the Corbett Tiger Reserve?

Visitors are not allowed to trek, cycle or walk inside Corbett Tiger Reserve except at few designated places. Walking on foot or getting off the vehicle is strictly prohibited. Few machans are open for visitors and they can spend time there after taking permissions to do so from the Range officer concerned. Night safaris are not allowed inside the Tiger Reserve.

33. What are mandatory documents that I need to carry during the safari?

All the adult visitors are required to produce any one of the following identity cards (Voter ID, Driving License, PAN Card, Govt. Employee Card, Passport and Student ID) on demand by officials of Corbett Tiger Reserve for verification at the entry point and whenever asked.

34. What are the precautions I need to take for my safety while in the Corbett Tiger Reserve?

Visitors are allowed to move only in designated vehicles in Corbett Tiger Reserve with a registered Nature Guide/Naturalist. Always keep a safe distance from wild animals. One should refrain from teasing wild animals and should never try to feed them. Getting off the vehicle and moving on foot is strictly prohibited. These are punishable offences. First-aid box is mandatory in all the vehicles. Winter garments are advised during the months of December and January. It is always advisable to follow the instructions of the Guide and adhere to the Do's and Dont's. Sitting firmly inside the vehicle, remaining watchful to any dangling branches, avoiding touching of plants, eating of leaves/fruits and obeying all rules and regulations are important for your own safety. Please be well informed about such rules and regulations before entering Corbett Tiger Reserve.

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